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High Functioning Anxiety and Burnout

This past pandemic had a significant impact on our mental health, lifestyle, working environments, relationships, and perception of life. We are working harder, becoming more financially conscientious, reconstructing our lifestyle, striving to be healthier and more active, reconnecting with ourselves and our relationships, learning how to be more social, and recalibrating our sense of meaning in life. Many of my clients come to me to work through these struggles, including addressing burnout, high-functioning anxiety, and sometimes even depression, due to the profound impact of the pandemic on their lives.

Does this sound like any of your struggles?



  • "I have to work harder"

  • "I'm not doing enough"

  • "There is something wrong with me"

  • "I can't let things fall behind"

  • "I have to be productive all the time"

  • "I should be doing something more productive"

  • "I should always be working"

  • "I should use this extra time at home to get ahead at work"

  • "I should be more and/or give more"

  • "I should be able to be and do everything that everyone asks me to be and do"

  • "I can't make any mistakes"

  • "It is my fault and/or they will say it is my fault if any problems and/or mistakes happen"

  • "I have to fix everything"

  • "I have to be the most capable and strong one"

  • "I have to make sure everything is done right"

  • "If I set a boundaries, I might get a negative reaction from them and/or they will think less of me"

  • "I can't say no, then I'm going to get a bad performance review"

  • "I don't want to lose my job"

  • "I can't  take a sick day and/or go on vacation because I'm going to fall behind at work"

  • "My company expects me to be accessible and work all the time"

  • "I can't say no to people"

  • "I can't stop thinking about what happened in the meeting"

  • "I have to solve other people's problems"

  • "I have to make sure everything is alright"

  • "I can't rely on people"

  • "I can't ask for help"

  • "I don't want to burden people with my problems"

  • "People will just disappoint you"

  • "People will not show up if I need them"

  • "No one cares"

  • "People won't understand me"

  • "People won't understand my wants and needs"

  • "I have to anticipate other people's wants and needs"

  • "I'd rather stay at home and not go out"

  • "It's too hard to go out and spend time with people"

  • "Spending time with people is a waste of time, and I'd rather rest and spend time doing something productive"

  • "I want to spend time with people but something feels off"

  • "I want to be able to connect to people again, but I don't know where to start and where to meet people"

  • "I want to be able to date again, but I'm afraid of dating"

  • "I should be spending more time with my partner and/or children, but something just always gets in the way"

  • "I notice that I'm arguing more with my partner and/or children, and I really don't want to act like this"



  • "Something feels off, but I just don't know why"

  • "I don't know what I want and need"

  • "I feel disconnect with myself"

  • "I don't have time for myself"

  • "It seems like everyone wants something from me, and I can't put myself first"

  • "If I put myself first, it is just going to get in the way of work and/or relationships"

  • "I can't say no to people"

  • "I can't rest"

  • "Rest is a waste of time"

  • "Hobbies are a waste of time"

  • "I'm not as active as I used to be"

  • "I want to eat healthy and workout, but I'm just not motivated"

  • "I want to do something fun, but it just feels like work"

  • "What about me"

  • "I matter too"

  • "What's the point to any of this"

  • "I'm losing meaning in the things I used to enjoy"

  • "I thought I would be happy by now"

  • "I've done everything I was supposed to do, but I am still not happy"

  • "I want to be connected in the things that mean the most to me in life, but I just don't connect with them anymore"

  • "It seems like life is all about work, and I'm not having fun"

  • "I want to find more meaning in life, but I just don't know where to start"

Common Areas of Struggle for High Functioning Anxiety

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Overworking

  • Over gives

  • Resents when you over give

  • Pushing yourself to do more

  • High need to be productive

  • High need to achieve

  • Unrealistic standards

  • Perfectionism

  • Cannot stop thinking about your to do list

  • Fear of not meeting people's expectations

  • Fear of bad performance reviews

  • Think you are not good enough

  • Self doubt

  • Second guessing

  • Indecisive

  • Lack of motivation

  • Think you have to be the most capable at all times

  • Cannot ask for help

  • Do not want to be a burden toa people

  • Think people will not be available to help

  • Difficulties with structure

  • Difficulties with compartmentalization 

  • Have to be prepare at all times

  • Do not like unknowns and ambiguity

  • Need for certainty 

  • Difficulties with confrontation and/or conflict

  • Has to fix everything

  • Need to be in control of most things

  • Over explains to the point you have to feel really understood

  • Over researches to the point that you need to find the best answer

  • People pleases

  • Need for reassurance 

  • Need for approval seeking

  • Need for validation 

  • Lack of meaning in life once previously connected with

Specialized Treatment

High-functioning anxiety is a condition where individuals experience anxiety symptoms but continue to function adequately in their daily lives. While outwardly successful and capable, they may constantly worry about the future, overthink decisions, and seek perfection in their endeavors. These individuals often appear calm and composed externally, yet internally, they struggle with racing thoughts, physical symptoms like tension, restlessness, or insomnia and a persistent fear of failure or disappointing others. Managing high-functioning anxiety involves recognizing these patterns, practicing relaxation techniques, setting realistic goals, and seeking support from a psychologist, who can provide strategies to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being.

If you resonate to the statements above, then I am likely able to help you. I provide personalized and tailored support to address your specific needs and challenges. Together, we will explore effective strategies to analyze your cognitive profile, challenge maladaptive thoughts, recalibrate adaptive and balance thinking, regain work/life balance, manage stress, and cultivate resilience. My approach integrates evidence-based techniques to address burnout comprehensively, helping you navigate this challenging experience with clarity and empowerment.


Intake Evaluation

During the intake process, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to specifically identify your struggles with high-functioning anxiety, burnout, and any other potential challenges you may be facing.

At the Psychologist


We will collaboratively create a personalized treatment plan, utilizing integrated therapeutic approaches that are well-researched. These approaches may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Behavioral Exposure techniques, Stress Management strategies, Resiliency training and more.

FMLA/Short Term Disability

If your level of functioning is significantly impaired to the extent that you are contemplating taking a leave of absence, you can request an FMLA/Short Term Disability evaluation. During this evaluation, we will assess whether taking time off would be appropriate for your situation.


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