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Meaningful Remedies
Psychology, Inc.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain"



We do not always know what life will throw at us. Whether it is managing daily tasks at home or at work, taking on just that "one more thing,"or experiencing an unexpected life event that we were not initially prepared for. These experiences may lead to feelings of confusion, sadness, loneliness, anxiousness, irritability, stress, exhaustion, or more. Over time, we can lose our emotional and physical reserves that we generally have to manage these tasks. We may even forget or overlook our own limits, needs, wants, goals, desires, and dreams. Life can be unpredictable and unmanageable at times, and we may not know all of the answers that come along with it.

We often look for understanding, meaning, or strength through it all, but we may not know where to find it.

Therapy can be a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore these experiences, find meaning through them, examine how we respond to them, and gain guidance on how to navigate them. The goal for therapy is to develop an individualized treatment plan that provides you with the opportunity to explore your experiences, gain new insights, identify your needs, wants, and goals, build on your unique strengths, obtain a clearer sense of direction with confidence, and restore a sense of harmony and balance.

I commend you on your courage, strength, and willingness to explore these experiences to find meaning and answers. I am committed to working in a collaborative approach by carefully listening, helping you find the solutions you have been looking for, and starting this journey with you. Finding the right therapist or psychologist takes time. Please contact me at (650) 830-8334, if you have any questions.

My office is located in Santa Clara, CA and is accessible to many locations in the San Francisco, Bay Area. I also offer audio and video telemental health for individuals anywhere in California, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, and Virginia.


I offer in-person, individual, evidence-based treatments or techniques such as, but not limited to, cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and commitment, person-centered, attachment, solution or emotion focused, interpersonal, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, mindfulness, psychodynamic, etc.

I offer individual telemental health services in California, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, and Virginia by providing you with a unique and secure link for audio or video conferencing.

I conduct evaluations for autism spectrum disorder, psychological diagnoses, short-term disability and cognitive difficulties.

Meaningful Remedies Psychology, Inc.

Address: 2975 Bowers Avenue,

Suite #119, Santa Clara, CA, 95051

Phone: (408) 207-4493

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