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FMLA Evaluations and Short Term Disability Assessments

Having trouble finding a qualified and experienced provider to complete your FMLA paperwork? We can help you!

Quick Evaluations

Timeline for Evaluations and Paperwork

Our clinic specializes in conducting Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) evaluations and short-term disability assessments. Our streamlined process ensures prompt access to necessary care, minimizing delays in treatment planning and ongoing support. Most evaluations and paperwork can be completed within a day. Whether you require FMLA quickly or are uncertain about beginning your mental health journey, we are here to support you. We can assist in determining your eligibility for FMLA and whether it aligns with your needs. If FMLA is suitable, we will promptly complete all required documentation. Alternatively, if you prefer to commence mental health treatment without pursuing FMLA, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your pace and needs.

Evaluator Qualifications 

Type of Provider Matters

Finding a provider who is willing, able, trained, and qualified to conduct FMLA and/or short-term disability assessments can be challenging. Not all providers are equipped to offer FMLA and/or short-term disability certifications. You might be navigating this process for the first time and unsure where to begin. Alternatively, you may currently be under the care of a provider who lacks the willingness, ability, or training to perform these evaluations or complete the necessary paperwork. Some providers may also require you to wait up to three months to determine eligibility, which may not meet your immediate needs for assistance. At our clinic, our trained and licensed clinical psychologists are qualified and experienced to promptly assess your situation and provide personalized treatment recommendations to support your mental health recovery journey.

What is FMLA?

Options for Leave

FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) is a federal law that allows eligible individuals to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid and job-protected leave annually for specific reasons, such as managing a serious health condition like a psychiatric disorder. Your employer may allow you to use accrued PTO, sick leave, vacation leave, etc., in conjunction with FMLA leave while ensuring job security. Additionally, you might qualify for short-term disability benefits provided by your state or employer. To be eligible for FMLA and short-term disability leave, certification from a qualified healthcare provider is necessary. This certification validates your need for leave under these programs.

Process for FMLA and

Short Term Disability Evaluations

What to Expect with the Process

Our evaluations are tailored to quickly diagnose conditions, formulate treatment plans, and assess eligibility for FMLA leave and/or short-term disability, where applicable. It's important to note that eligibility is not guaranteed. Patients must demonstrate significant impairment and engage in ongoing treatment to meet criteria and maintain eligibility for leave. FMLA evaluations typically involve a biopsychosocial assessment with additional specific assessments as needed. Short-term disability assessments may include more comprehensive evaluations to determine disability status and its impact on daily functioning. During treatment planning, we may recommend targeted therapies or referrals customized to address your mental health needs.

What is

Short Term Disability

Assessment and Benefits? 

State Disability Paid Leave

Depending on your state of residence, some states provide state-funded programs for family or medical leave. It's important to understand that FMLA and short-term disability are distinct and each requires specific evaluation processes. In some cases, you may be eligible to use FMLA and short-term disability leave concurrently. Understanding the nuances of each program can help ensure you access the benefits that best suit your needs.

Short-Term Disability/Paid Leave.

Depending on your employer, some employers provide funded leave benefits. Each employer has their own policies regarding the use of PTO, sick leave, and vacation leave in relation to FMLA and/or short-term disability leave. Additionally, your employer may offer short-term disability benefits. These benefits typically require that you are unable to perform essential job and home duties, necessitating further evaluation and assessment. Understanding your employer's specific policies can help clarify how these benefits apply to your situation.

Time Range You Maybe Able to Take Off

Intermittent Leave:

Intermittent leave may be utilized to adjust your work schedule, allowing you to take time off for appointments or to recover on certain days within the week. You may be eligible to use FMLA intermittent leave specifically for attending treatment appointments. Additionally, you may request workplace accommodations to modify your workload or address environmental challenges, aiming to enhance your functioning and reduce extended periods of absence.

Continuous Leave:

Continuous leave can be used when you are unable to work for more than three days due to incapacity, treatment, or recovery requirements. The duration of leave depends on the severity of impairment, your inability to function, and the necessary treatment time. The treatment plan may involve various therapies and referrals tailored to enhance your overall functioning.

Next Steps...

Setting Up a Phone Consultation

For the most direct contact with the clinic, please reach out via email. To schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, where we can discuss your needs and explore your options, please contact us. During this consultation, we will determine the appropriate evaluation for you, as well as discuss billing, paperwork, setup, and follow-up. Below is the contact information to reach the clinic. We look forward to assisting you.



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